Flight Instruction

Florida Flying Adventures offers flight training in the following categories: Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft

Ultralight Pilot
Light Sport Pilot

Fly like it was intended to be and step back into a time where simple and light aircraft filled the skies. Flying Ultralight Aircraft lets you experience open air flying at its best. Enjoy the sights and scents as you fly just a few hundred feet over the earths surface.



- Be at least 16 years of age

- Complete at least 10 hours of dual training

- Pass a simple written and oral exam

- Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

- Pass a flight exam

* Please note: Prior to solo flight you must purchase your own ultralight aircraft to solo in. We do not have any Ultralight aircraft to provide during this stage of training due to liability concerns.

Become a Light Sport Pilot in as little as 20 hours and be well on your way to great flying adventures. We have training packages to fit your needs. Whether you train a hour here and there, or purchase all your time at once, we can meet any time requirement you may need.


- Be at least 16 years old to solo and 17 to obtain a license

- Hold a valid drivers license

- Must have not failed a medical exam

- Be able to read, speak, and understand the English language

- Log a minimum of 20 flight hours "15 dual and 5 Solo"

- Pass a knowledge test as well as the practical test

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