Aircraft Rental

Imagine seeing the world from a whole new perspective. At Florida Flying Adventures, we boast industry leaders of aircraft for use in our flight training programs as well as for rental. Rent an aircraft to take out for a spin, or sit back as an experienced pilot provides an unforgettable discovery flight where you actually get to take the controls. 

Have you ever wanted to soar with the birds or maybe fly above cotton like puffy clouds? Well here at Florida Flying Adventures we give you a chance to create your own adventures and reach for your dreams. We have a couple Ultralight Available in our club to rent. Once you become a ultralight pilot and have accumulated our minimum hour requirement and flown a check out flight in our trainer, then you will be eligible to enter into our Ultralight Flying Club for a fair fee plus monthly payments. Please note: A waiver/release must be signed prior to operation of any Ultralight Flying Club's aircraft. 

*minimum hour to qualify are 35

*must take a check flight with a instructor and pass

*club fee and monthly dues are subject to change without notice

*aircraft availability may change without notice

*we reserve the right to refuse or dismiss anyone out of the flying club for any reason we see fit.

*activities are always weather permitting


SLSA Aircraft Rentals
Ultralight Aircraft Rentals

We have a couple LSA aircraft to rent here at Florida Flying Adventures, including the only flying SLSA CGS Hawk in the World. Once you take your initial flight lessons with us and once your ready to solo, you'll be able to climb in her and experience the joys of flying alone. Then, once you have become a licensed Light Sport Pilot, you can continue to rent the Hawk to enjoy. 

Also, we offer rentals for current Light Sport and Private Pilots. A successful check out in the plane is required prior to rental agreement.


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