Meet the Crew

The people you'll meet at Florida Flying Adventures are some of the most fun people in this industry. We love to have a blast and focus on the more fun, smaller side of aviation. When you fly with us, you are no longer a customer, you are family. Come see us and book your introductory flight lesson today.

Scenic Flights

Come see the World from a whole new and breathtaking vantage point. Our scenic flights are really a mini lesson that allows you not to focus so much on flying the plane, but allows you to take in the beautiful scenes below. After about a 10 min lesson, where you actually get to fly the plane, we take the rest of the time to peer at Mother Natures beauty. Whether its watching the sun rise, flying above giant puffy clouds, or watching the gorgeous sunset, we have a flight that will fill all your expectations.

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About Florida Flying Adventures

Florida Flying adventures was started because we wanted to get people back into flying. We wanted to show people that flying is fun, adventurous, safe, economical, but also cool. People like to do cool things, and we believe that flying is one of the most awesome things people can do. So, we are here to show people and educate people on the wonderful joys of flying. We also offer full flight training, discovery flights, transition training, and familiarization training. Whether you want to learn to fly and ultralight or light sport aircraft, we have the program to fit your needs.


Come Fly With Us

Whether it's becoming a ultralight, light sport pilot, or flying for the first time. Florida Flying Adventures has you covered.

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